Imitrex is available both as an injection for self-administration and as tablets.

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Information about Imitrex.

Frequency not reportedDry/scaly skineczemahematomahyperhidrosisseborrheic dermatitisskin nodulestightness of skinwrinkling of skin.

If you have a higher risk for heart problemssee Precautionsyour doctor may arava 20 mg price. perform a heart exam before you start taking sumatriptanHe/she may also direct you to take your first dose of this medication in the office/clinic to monitor for serious side effectssuch as chest painTalk to your doctor for details.

Frequency not reportedAbdominal distentioncolitisconstipationdental paindisorder of mouth and tonguee.gburning of tonguenumbness of tonguedry mouthdyspeptic symptomsfeelings of gastrointestinal pressuregastritisgastroenteritisgastrointestinal bleedinggastrointestinal painhematemesishypersalivationhyposalivationintestinal obstructionischemic colitismelenaoral itching and irritationpancreatitissalivary gland swellingswallowing disordersRef]

If the migraine returns following an initial treatment with Imitrexsumatriptan succinateinjectionadditional single Imitrex tabletsup to 100 mg/daymay be given with an interval of at least 2 hours between tablet doses.

Applies to sumatriptannasal capsulenasal sprayoral tabletsubcutaneous kitsubcutaneous solutiontransdermal film extended release.

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ok, they read the note this time, but this is what they sent three boxes, each had five little jar things of imitrex liquid.

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